Mom & Pop Farms of Orleans County

Charlie Canham's Threshing Machine - Oak Orchard on the Ridge

Charlie Canham’s Threshing Machine – Oak Orchard on the Ridge

Holly Released her third book on local history, Mom and Pop Farm of Orleans County, on Dec. 11, 2016.

This book focused on agriculture, this book is centered around the now long gone era of Mom and Pop farms. We do still have farm families, of course, but not the small, self-sustaining farms so many of us enjoyed. By the 1980’s, the question was no long, “What crops are you growing this year?” but, “Who are you leasing your land to this year?”

*** Update ***

Based upon the success of Mom & Pop Farming in Orleans County, NY, the author is working on a second volume.  The time frame of this second book will include both older stories and post 1985 stories, expanding into the large corporate farms of today. If you wish to include your farming story or share a great farming photo, please e-mail Holly as soon as possible!

Holly Canham


Helen Basinait Mathes

Holly and her Case Tractor Kenyonville, Orleans, NY

Holly’s Case Tractor – Kenyonville, NY

John and Loretta LONG on transplanter setting tomato plants Sons Jeffrey and Douglas on water tank May 1969

John & Loretta Long, setting tomato plants with sons Jeffrey and Douglas – May 1969


Also available as audio-book with Doug Pratt reading